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For one of the lowest fees in the country, we analyze a fleet’s operation. Our Fleet Analysis is an aerial view to access the needs of any private or public fleet. We are eager to hear areas in which your fleet has deficiencies so that we may assist you by discussing the best and most effective solutions. This assessment includes areas of change that can assist you implement best practices. Our Fleet Analysis is all about you! Longobart-Ross is unique from other fleet consultants because we offer leadership and fleet managers, in both the public and private sectors, an aerial view of their operation by taking snapshots of significant fleet characteristics, analyzing that data and then providing recommendations without the costs associated to hire technical staff and additional personnel. Longobart-Ross has an arsenal of best practices and solutions that will overcome your obstacles, eliminate barriers, and make your fleet a more efficient operation.

RESULTS: *More Efficient Operation *Cost Savings *Higher Revenues *Excellent Customer Service *Readily Available Parts *Quick Turn-Around *Staffing to Maximize Proficiency


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With 32 years experience as a Fleet Manager and the recipient of numerous awards for the accomplishments he spearheaded, Rick understands how to build a plan to take your operation to its most successful level.

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  • Are your technicians charging a high percentage of their labor directly to the customer as opposed to indirect time that is not billable?
  • Is the time for your staff takes to make repairs comparable to industry standards or are repairs taking too long to perform?
  • Do you understand your organization’s “fully burdened labor rate?”

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  • Does your operation have out-of-date equipment?
  • Is your facility laid out correctly? If not, it will take longer for a technician to find tools, get parts and log on to work orders.
  • How your staff is collecting and using the data is vital. As they say, “garbage-in, garbage out”.
  • Having up-to-date technology is the easiest way to save money and improve productivity. Having the correct Fleet Management Information System and Fuel Management System is critical.

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  • Is your operation embracing environmental issues and programs?
  • An Energy Plan can result into thousands of dollars in savings from managing the facility, tires, fluids, fuel, alternative energy vehicles, and more.
  • Safety is another area of concern for most fleets. There are many solutions that should be considered to reduce risk, liability and provide cost savings to any organization.
  • Having up-to-date technology is the easiest way to save money and improve productivity.

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Lastly, morale should never be overlooked. Inspiring to be the best in the industry and achieving awards and recognition is pinnacle to better morale, improved productivity, and higher customer service. This is the underlying principle to being a competitive operation. With first-hand experience in technology and services, we understand what solutions work best in the industry and have a proven track record. We will show you how your goals can be met by utilizing a broad-band of solutions that are known throughout the country as best practices:

176-targeted questions address every aspect of your operation: Fuel and Fleet Management Systems, Alternative Fuels and Infrastructure, Global Auctions, Optimized Vehicle Re-calibration, Telematics, Accident Management, Alternative Energy, Auto Parts, Car Sharing, Diesel, Driver Training, Environmental, Equipment Replacement, Equipment Utilization, Leasing, Grants, Oil, Filters, Tires, Anti-Freeze, Process Engineering, Shop Certification Programs, Staffing Levels, Team Building, Vehicle Inspection and Systems. Your fleet analysis report will be concise, easy to read and include plans for implementing the recommendations provided to every challenge your fleet is facing.

We can also assist you in leadership techniques, how to build a 5-year energy plan, and learning more about becoming one of the top 100 fleets in the nation.

Our goal is to assist you to be successful, improve efficiency and become one of the best fleets in the nation, perhaps even the world.

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