Monthly Archives: August 2016

Knowing vs Thinking

Maybe it’s this way for you, or maybe not? The truth is, the days of “trust me, I’m the fleet manager,” have come and gone. Indeed, we cannot point at one event or a particular  technology to say this is the reason for the change. Rather, it has been a combination technology, the availability of data, reporting, and predictive models that have really changed the industry.

I once heard a simple phrase from a friend that has had a significant impact on the way I try to do make decisions – Knowing vs Thinking. “I want you to know, not think,” my friend James told me as he recounted the lesson he learned from a mentor earlier in his career, aKnow vs Think1 boss who also was his mentor. Just think about the impact of what you are delivering, consider these statements:

“Well, I think that changing our Preventative Maintenance program will have a positive impact on our budget.”


“After careful review, I am certain that changing our Preventative Maintenance program will save the organization an average of $5,000 per quarter.”

There is quite a difference when you can defend what you are saying with data and numbers instead of relying on what might otherwise be considered a gut feeling. Of course, providing these examples is also a matter of putting words together and presenting them to you – the reader, but nevertheless we face “knowing vs thinking” situations on most days.

At the heart of our mission at Longobart-Ross is providing you the tools to do just that – know vs think. There is plenty of data out there, what you present and how you present it makes all the difference. Fleet Managers are often expected to not only be an expert in Fleet, but also in fields such as budgeting, policy writing, and Human Resources matters. The reality is that while there may be a few individuals out there that can claim to be all, most are not. Let Longobart-Ross help you in areas where you may need help.