Monthly Archives: June 2016

Remember When?

Just recently, I attended a ceremony honoring employees that had been with the City of Norfolk for 5, 10, 20, 30, and 40+ years. On each table, programs were neatly placed in front of every chair, and on the back page there was a fun little bit of information. While I must admit, I was not around to see most of it and too young to care about some of the other part, I can now read it and appreciate it.

The most obvious thing was the increasing prices as the years progressed with the exception of some commodities in 1996 and 2006. We all have our own opinions to justify the fluctuations, but surely we can all agree on one thing, the only thing that remained constant is change. Who would have thought that cell phones once resembling bricks in the early 90’s and would morph into cool little flip phones by 1996. Most of us can recall having to press the keyboard hundreds of times as you cycled through to find the right letter to type a short text. I bet you in 1986, Topper flying through the skies in “Top Gun” would have thought to himself “negative ghost rider” if he was told about this flip phone technology.

So why is all of this change important? Several reasons. In a book I read not that long ago, “Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done,” the author tells a story of an employee that was disappointed with his yearly evaluation. This employee raised the point that he didn’t understand why he had received an average review if he had done the same thing this year, as he had last year, when he received a great review. The supervisor responded “…if you’re staying the same, you are falling behind.”

We could get into super fascinating numbers and percentages of just how much technology and data has changed, grown, and where it’s projected to be in just a few years but I’m sure that it would be way to much information. Having said that, being a data driven organization in 2016 and moving forward is paramount, the only problem is how to make the most sense out of data and changing information. Longobart-Ross can help you make sense of all this information, but most importantly help you focus in on the key KPI’s to help you perform at optimum efficiency. Learn more about our new and proprietary program that helps analyze your fleet by clicking here.