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brick by brick

Brick by Brick

In 1909, the first brick was laid at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I’m sure that the crews tasked with paving the entire 2.5 mile track may have guessed at the amount of bricks they were going lay; care to take a stab at the number? 3.2 million bricks from start to finish. A daunting task, but the point is, they started one by one, brick by brick, 63 days of knuckle busting work.

brick by brick

Every successful event, structure, task,….fleet, starts somewhere. Every organization, no matter how good or efficient they are can get better, just ask Toyota. Toyota built one of the most reliable brands in the world around a concept which they call “The Toyota Way.” The Toyota Way places emphasis on continuous improvement in all aspects of their organization from top down.

At Longobart-Ross, we are passionate about helping your fleet make a positive impact in your community. Our services cater to organizations of all shapes and sizes regardless of their current level of performance.