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First, everything begins with a no-obligation conversation. We want to hear your goals and your challenges. We will then discuss how our fleet consultants can assist you and what the next steps would look like. Whether it’s discussing your needs for a more efficient operation, how to update your fleet’s list in order to have the most effective equipment replacement policy, a class on how to procure government business or how to advance your fleet to better solutions, our goal is always to help you advance: first to one level, then the next.

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  • NAFA - Finalist, Fleet Industry Leadership Award 2015
  • NAFA - Finalist, Fleet Innovative Leadership Award 2015
  • Top Best Fleets in the Nation, 2005 – 2014
  • Government Fleet Publication, Hall of Fame Induction, 2014
  • Leading Fleet Award, 2014
  • Public Sector – Fleet Manager of the Year, 2009 – 2014
  • All-Star Sustainability award, 2011, 2013, & 2014
  • Green Fleet Award, 2009 – 2014
  • Green Transportation Leadership award, 2014
  • Rocky Mountain Fleet Association, Professional Fleet Manager of the Year award, 2013
  • Government Fleet, Visionary Leadership award, 2010
  • National Fleet Association, Green Fleet Award, 2009
  • California Fleet News, Best Fleet Award, 2007
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Our Fleet Consultants

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Rick Longobart

    We work with you to analyze where your operation is today and then discuss where you would like to see it in 1-5 years. Our objective is to provide a plan that will allow you to implement recommendations in order to obtain your current and future goals.

    Rick is a highly-accomplished management professional with proven leadership skills and a track record of award-winning performance in the public-service sector of Public Works. His responsibilities were to ensure a proficient operation over fleet, facility, street maintenance, solid waste management and custodial services. He possesses an extensive background in budgeting, equipment replacement, capital improvements and management of internal service funds. He uses a lifecycle-cost analysis, real-time operating charges and cooperative agreements for purchase of products and services.

    Rick excels at the development and implementation of cost-containment strategies and at dramatically improving operations through an institution of creative solutions. He demonstrates ability in successful representation of division to governing bodies and in the management of hazardous materials.

    fleet consultant

    Cynthia Ross

    Principal / Director Of Business Development
    Understanding company goals, combined with on-going and open communication, enables us to work together as a team: like-minded and striving to obtain like goals.

    Her phenomenal communications skills, prudent accounting practices, ability to map out a project in order to establish milestones, cost control and performance within budget allocations allows her to increase a company’s bottom line, aid them to become more efficient and drive gain through building positive relationships, both internally and externally. Clients achieve their goals on time and within budget with all responses to questions occurring quickly, with accuracy and articulately.

    Her gifts of leadership, determination and creativity provide her the ability to seek out unique strategies to improve any operation.

    Our Values

    *A solid commitment to integrity. *Honesty in all endeavors. *An ongoing dedication to provide the most innovative technologies. *A foundation built upon hearing our client’s needs. *Providing and gaining education as the channel for continual growth and improvement. *An allegiance to all those we work with to do all we can to assist them in overall success and financial evolution!

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